The most innovative range of quality granulated bouillons, stocks and cooking bases for professional catering.

Out of the passion of Well “Chef to Chef” has been created, an exclusive range made by Chefs for Chefs. Research and Innovation to satisfy all taste demands at the service of modern professional catering. Textures and balances of flavours at the disposal of the most demanding chefs to produce real show pieces in the kitchen.



A new catering range with a long history of knowledge behind it.
Well, a Love Story that has lasted for Half a Century
Our story began in 1967 when Antonio Valenti, brilliant chemist and pharmacist, created the first granulated bouillon in response to the needs of his family. That granulated product was so popular that it was passed to relatives and acquaintances and then beyond until it was the right moment to build a real production laboratory in order to satisfy all the requests. Over the years we have become specialists in the production of preparations for broths, seasonings, cooking bases and aromatic products. Our commitment as it stands today, is to create good, genuine, high quality products, with very natural aromatic character. We strive for excellence in all that we do, with the greatest attention to new consumer styles, the new demands of the market and the requirements of chefs. We continuously propose new solutions in order to be at the side of all those who cook and who do it with passion.
The quest for excellence
Well takes advantage of its team of staff, of extremely qualified researchers and chefs. The choice of suppliers, skilful combining of ingredients, innovative and exclusive production process at low temperatures, are all features that guarantee our products an instinctive nature and excellence.
Made in Italy
Italian Creativity
Italian style is unique and this also applies in the kitchen. The elegance, harmony and richness of flavours and aromas, the genuine nature, the great variety and strength of the fresh ingredients available, the ability to combine them and to propose the same ingredients again with great pleasure in different combinations, make the Italian cuisine recognisable as a world beacon. This is the style that inspires us to create our bouillons and seasonings. A range of products born to enhance every dish in a natural way, with clean flavours, in order to allow the chef's imagination to express itself in every culinary creation.
Discover many recipes and creative dishes thought up by the Well team of Chefs.