Well granulare n°18 manzo e pollo


Organic With Meat - Glutamate Free

Organic,non-allergenic and glutamate free, lactose free and gluten free. Thanks to our production processes and our first choice organic ingredients we can propose a thin meat stock, with a full and balanced flavour. Excellent for making stocks, thick soups, risottos and thin soups. Excellent flavour enhancer suitable also as a replacement for salt before or during cooking. A special help to balance, complete, and enrich all your dishes and preparations: sauces, gravies, main courses and side dishes.

How to use

Excellent as a seasoning (instead of salt) to enhance the flavour of all dishes such as gravies, sauces and side dishes in general, prepared in a pan or oven-baked. Ideal for making outstanding first courses with stock, thick soups, risottos


Salt, cornstarch*, corn maltodextrin*, sunflower oil*, dehydrated meat*, (beef*, chicken*) (6%), yeast extract*, natural flavourings, onion*, carrots*, spices*, antioxidant: extract of (*Organically produced ingredients)


1 kg

Shelf life

18 months