Well granulare n°19 vegetale


Organic Vegetable - Glutamate Free

Organic, 100% vegetable based, glutamate free, lactose free and gluten free. The flavoursome and balanced vegetable stock made unique by its first choice ingredients dedicated to the most delicate of customers. Excellent flavour enhancer suitable also as a replacement for salt before or during cooking. A special help to balance, complete, and enrich all your dishes and preparations: sauces, gravies, main courses and side dishes, including vegan friendly dishes.

How to use

Ideal for making excellent first course dishes with stocks, soups, risottos and all vegetable based dishes. Excellent as a seasoning (instead of salt) to enhance the flavour of all vegetable based dishes such as gravies, sauces and side dishes in general, prepared in a pan or oven-baked.


Salt, cornstarch*, corn maltodextrin, vegetable juices and dehydrated vegetables* (onions*, carrots*, celery*, parsley*, leeks*) (12%), sunflower oil*, yeast extract*, natural vegetable flavours , spices*, antioxidant: rosemary extract*.

(*Organically certified ingredients)


1 kg

Shelf life

24 monrths