Porcini mushroom and prawn risotto

Preparation time:45 mins.


A unique tasting recipe thanks to Well Bouillon


  • 320g Carnaroli rice
  • 1l Water
  • 80g fresh, washed and cleaned porcini mushrooms
  • 12 fresh large shelled and cleaned prawns
  • 1 glass of dry white wine
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • Well Granulated Bouillon N. 5 Fish
  • Well cooking base N.11 Fish Fumet
  • Well Granulated Bouillon N.2 Vegetable (or Organic or Spring Vegetable)
  • 15g chopped fresh parsley
  • 60 ml extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt and pepper


Cut the mushrooms into small cubes. Dry the prawns well.
Put the rice and crushed garlic clove in a large saucepan. Turn the hob on, salt and toast the rice on a moderate heat, continuing to mix so that it doesn’t get too hot. Simmer with half the white wine until reduced and season with Well Cooking Base N. 11 Fish Fumet. Add the boiling water a little at a time, enough to just cover, and continue to mix.
Separately, sautée the mushrooms and season with Well Granulated N. 2 Vegetable, salt and pepper, keeping them very al dente (so that they are still a bit hard). In the same pan, sautée the prawns on both sides, until they have a nice colour and then dress them with Well Granulated N. 5 Fish, salt and pepper.
Simmer the other half of the white wine in the pan until it is reduced and add it to the risotto. Halfway through cooking the risotto, add 3/4 of the mushrooms and 4 prawns cut into small cubes. Finish cooking the risotto and, when it is al dente, switch off the hob. Remove the garlic and make the risotto creamy by adding the extra virgin olive oil and chopped parsley.
Dish up and garnish with the rest of the mushrooms and a couple of prawns per dish. Serve immediately.

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